Season Extension starts at R.E.A.D.Y

Aaron Higley, R.E.A.D.Y Program teacher, was very excited to receive a new indoor hydroponic tower in his classroom this semester. Higley, and Program Coordinator, Jospehine Tritsch are co-teaching a new Horticulture class this semester.

The students have engaged in various ways, helping to construct the tower and monitoring the process of growth. They are learning about lighting, nutrients, and much more in regards to the tower. Students plan to share their harvest with other students and staff once its harvest time. This tower also give students the chance to experiment with season extension techniques and learn more about year-round growing systems.

They recently transplanted 48 starts of lettuce and arugula into the tower!blog post pic 2FullSizeRender-5Blog post 2FullSizeRender-4