READY To Garden


READY to Garden is a collaborative effort between Prosperity Gardens and the Regional Office of Education’s READY program. READY to Garden features a garden-based agricultural science and health curriculum with a significant emphasis on healthy lifestyle choices and physical fitness. On average, 125 students are enrolled at READY — 61% of the students are African-American or other minorities, 90% qualify for free or reduced school lunch programs, and the gender ratio is 60:40 male to female.

Many of these students have highly unstable housing situations, lack of consistent adult supervision, and face crime, gang, and illegal substance issues in their daily lives. READY to Garden’s goal is to create opportunities for job training and career development in the expanding areas of sustainable agriculture, local food production and distribution, and related “green” industries, while at the same time, improving the health and well-being of the at-risk youth who participate in the program and the low-income neighborhoods in which Prosperity Gardens operates.

Garden Club


Garden Club was Prosperity Gardens’ first programming initiative, beginning in the summer of 2010. Thanks to a partnership with the Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club and the hard work of many volunteers, 20-25 elementary-age youth are introduced to the art and science of gardening. The goal is to spark an appreciation and enjoyment for learning how things grow, expand knowledge of healthy nutritious foods, and provide a safe outlet to explore the natural world.