Education & Employment

Prosperity Gardens partners with the READY Program, an alternative program for students in Champaign and Ford County. During the school year, Prosperity Gardens and the science department team up to offer agricultural sciences classes in and out of the classroom. When the weather permits, the classroom takes place at the gardens on N. First Street in Champaign. In addition to the environmental sciences classes, this year, biology and food science students enjoyed a semester learning about growing their own food. We also participate in “exploratory days” at READY, in which students have the chance to get further experience in the gardens. For students who really show an interest, we support several part-time positions for students over the summer.

Prosperity Gardens serves as a work site for several local students. Grant funding and the READY Program, help to support several employment opportunities for student staff. On average, the students work about 20 hours per week. They are responsible for preparing, planting, watering, harvesting, packaging, and selling all the produce grown over the course of the summer. We also find time to cook and eat what we grow as a staff. The students gain experience in agriculture, small business, marketing, nutrition, culinary arts, and much more.

Prosperity Gardens sponsors a nine week, garden-based-nutrition program for youth at the Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club. Projects include instillation of a small pond, plant and insect identification, smoothies, lettuce tacos, veggie pizza and much, much, more. The class is free, and is for students K-3rd grade. The class is located on site, at 303 N. First Street from 10:00-11:15 starting every June.

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